Smartmusic Interactive

Smartmusic Interactive

I invite you to check out this incredible new software program for voice and instruments. Once you purchase the software from SmartMusic, you will then be able to utilize this wonderful tool for sightsinging.

Visit to see a live demonstration of their services.

Due to the fact that Smartmusic is designed more for instrumentalists, the voice portion is limited and mainly allows for singing solos along with accompaniment. However, Gerald has put together sightreading exercises specifically for the vocalist to utitlize and has integrated these into the program for you to use and practice your sight reading skills with voice recognition. He has categorized lessons according to levels and has also purchased all of the available sightreading materials and will be uploading this material as lessons so you don’t have to purchase it.

Working Singers Premier Members will enjoy the option of student/teacher lessons that are implemented directly through the smartmusic system. Both student and teacher have access to the system to exchange recorded lessons and assignments.

Once you become a Working Singer Premier Member, upon request you will have access to a tutorial on how to set up your smartmusic account step by step and link to Music1on1.

You DO NOT have to be a member of this site to access and become involved with Smartmusic. It is a completely separate site. However, if you would like to take advantage of sightreading using vocal exercises with voice recognition, you will have to sign up through Music1on1 to be able to access those particular files developed by Gerald specifically for the singer.

If you are a “Singer Pro” member, you may watch the TUTORIAL to find out how to set up your account and access the vocal exercises.

Click on SMARTMUSIC TUTORIAL below to view this video.