Where we learn to sight read music.

SAG-AFTRA  Sound Recordings Department Sponsors sight singing 3 or 4 times per year. These classes geared to professional, adult (18 and over) singers, will be held on Tuesdays (Beginner), Wednesdays (Intermediate), and Thursdays (Advanced) from 11am-1pm and will last six weeks.

Classes Begin May 9th.
Beginner Class—Tuesdays starting May 9th, 11am-1pm
Intermediate Class—Wednesdays starting May 10th, 11am-1pm
Advanced Class—Thursdays starting May 11th, 11am-1pm
Signup Begins April 10th.
(All classes have a seating limit and once reached will be closed)

Prerequisite-Sightsinging is a skill which first requires a singer to be able to match pitch easily and navigate their voice as a singer really well. You must be able to match pitch and sing an 8 note major scale before entering into any of the classes.

The classes will be held in the SAG-AFTRA Frank Maxwell Board Room at 5757 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA.

Classes are now open to both union singers and future member singers. A fee will be charged to cover the instructor. SAG-AFTRA, and ACTOR’S EQUITY members pay $95 and non-members pay $150. Please be prepared to verify SAG-AFTRA and ACTORS EQUITY membership with the union if needed.


The instructor will be Gerald White, a professional music teacher in voice and keyboards, and a successful SAG-AFTRA session singer/player. Gerald is also a composer and arranger. His recent credits include AVATAR, GLEE, 2015 Academy Awards, Family Guy, House Of Lies, and more……

Instructors subject to change on occasion due to Gerald’s involvement in film and t.v.

Class Outlines

The Basic class covers the following topics: Staffs, key signatures, time signatures, scales, finding the root, ear training, the number system, intervals, movable doh, the roadmap language, chart navigation, pitch blend and balance, rhythm analysis and breakdown, compound time, recognizing patterns (time and notes), syncopation, style, attitude, energy, professionalism and dictation. Guest lecturers may also participate on special occasions.

The Intermediate class is a review of basic music theory and continuing on into more complex harmonies and scale study. Dictation is a large part of this class as well as starting to utilize the tools to start sightsinging simple melodies with no accompaniment and then on to reading vocal charts. Guest lecturers may also participate on special occasions.

The Advanced class provides access to professional arrangements and material from current and past SAG-AFTRA sessions, furnished by the top arrangers in Los Angeles. The sessions will include rehearsal and analysis of real session charts from motion pictures, sound recordings, television, commercials and live events as well as detailed practice in group singing techniques. Guest lecturers may also participate on special occasions.

Please note that these classes are designed specifically for learning to sing at sight. The singing that takes place is all related to reading music and being able to perform what is on paper.

There are no refunds after the first week of class for any reason. For questions about signing up, call 310-430-4802.


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