Rhythm Practice

Rhythm is part of the sight reading process. Rhythm seems to hold singers back more than trying to locate the pitch when seeing the notes on the staff. Here is your opportunity to practice rhythms from a beginner level through advanced.   Each exercise includes sheet music along with an mp3, demonstrating the exercise.   A  2 bar click is given, then continues with a woodblock demonstration of the rhythm.

You are to clap along with the woodblock and when a mistake is made, you'll notice you are clapping when the woodblock is not sounding or vice versa. Another good idea is to either use a pencil that you tap on your desk or simply “ta” along with the rhythm on a random pitch. For the fast tempos, “ta” is recommended due to the speed.   Each exercises is given with 3 mp3s. Slow, Medium and Fast.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this exercise and the ability to view several items at once, this section is not available for mobile devices.

The exercises increase in difficulty as the title number increases. Notice that the time signatures may change throughout the pages of each exercise!   Good Luck!!!