Take Care Of Yourself!

Is This You Right Now?
We are at that time of the year and even though we made it through COVID, there are still viruses and bacterial infections going around. There also seems to be some lingering colds and congestion that just won’t go away. Some are allergies and some actual contagious illnesses. Some of it results from having COVID or other colds and it is still wreaking havoc on your voice.
You have these on-going coughs that you’ve had for months. Mucus building up in your lungs and around your voice that is nagging you constantly.
Aside from seeing an ENT which I highly recommend, here are some things you can do to help.
1 First and foremost, STAY HOME AND REST if you have or think you have anything that is contagious. Even if you don’t have Covid but are coughing, hacking, etc……you could still have some sort of infection or virus that is spreadable and others around you don’t want it.
2 Drink plenty of liquids.
3 Loosen your pants. You’d be surprised at how much acid reflux can be cured by this simple adjustment and the “reflux” is causing the acid to irritate the vocal cords and makes you cough and the cords swell.
4 Steam, either in the shower or get a steamer.
5 Take Musinex DM. It helps break up the mucus and expel it.
6 Get a humidifier for your bedroom.
7 Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Both dry out your voice and make getting rid of mucus a much longer process.
8 Sleep!!!
9 Avoid strong scents like perfumes, colognes, smoke, candles and incense. They are super irritating to your nasal passages.
10 Avoid dust or any kind of particles you can inhale which can also turn into a lung issue.
11 Use nasal rinse and gargle with salt water or hydrogen peroxide.
12 If your vocal cords are swollen, don’t sing on them unless you absolutely have no choice. This only prolongs the healing process. If you do have to sing on swollen cords, don’t belt and keep it as light as possible.
13 Expel mucus by doing the opposite of coughing. When you cough you start with your cords shut, then a burst of air comes through them making the coughing sound. If you’ll do just the opposite, you can expel this mucus without damaging your cords and losing your voice. This is usually done by taking a huge breath and as quickly and strongly as possible releasing all of your air with “hah or huh” but don’t close your cord until the very end as if you are trying to hold your breath. Once your cord is closed you might have a “tiny” cough but because you are out of breath at that point, it won’t be ruff on the cords.
I know all of this is super frustrating but it’s just what we have to deal with, with all of the dry air, pollution, allergies, colds etc…..
Take care of yourself.
Your health is more important than anything else in the world!!!
Be well,