Book 1 day or weekend seminar today!!

One Class:   Includes a 2 hour class and personalized time after the seminar. In this seminar, you will get a bird’s eye view of what all is involved. You will definitely walk away with the concept of how it all works and be able to work on your own at your leisure. A hands on look at how to integrate the LAsightsinger video and audio online will be included.   The one day fee covers travel and expenses. Please contact us for fee depending on location.    

Weekend Seminar:   Includes two 4 hour days, with a lunch. This is a two day event where you will go more in depth with the basics learned on the first day. Interactive games, songs, dictation, name that tune and many other tools will be used to help you to understand the concept and then apply it to more detailed work as a sightsinger. An in depth introduction to the online video and audio tutorials will be included.   Talent show to end the second day with audience participation is optional.   The weekend fee covers travel and expenses. Contact us for more details.

Learn To Teach This Method: You will learn how to work with this method and introduce it to your singing group or students. This is a proven method that works and is very simple to demonstrate. It’s all based on the number system and intense ear training with muscle memory.

To book or find out more information contact us through the contact page.