Practice Exercises Video

Listed below are the practice videos to help you sight read music.
Click on the title that goes with the practice that interests you.   Additional videos will be continually added.

Recognizing Intervals On Paper

Practice identifying intervals on paper and seeing how the way they appear can be misleading.

Recognizing Intervals On Paper Treble Clef

A more in depth look into how intervals are quickly indentified and different methods to use to do so.

Practice Video-The Music Staff

The grid with which we place the notes and rhythms to make music. Learn how it functions and how to navigate around it.

Practice Video-Notes On The Staff

Learn where the notes belong on the music staff and how to quickly recognize these positions.

Practice Video-7 Rhythmical Notes

Learn the value of the written notes. This gives the length of time a note is held while singing.

Practice Video-7 Rests

Practice recognizing and identifying the 7 rests.

Practice Video-Time Signatures

Indentify the time signatures and what they represent.

Practice Video-Key Signatures

Learn to recognize key signatures and understand the scale structures.

Practice Video-8 Note Scale

Practice Writing The 8 Note Scale.

Practice Video-Dotted Notes

Review the dotted notes and how much time value each one has.

Practice Video-Ties, Slurs and Triplets

Practice Identifying the different singing elements. Also, learn how to construct triplets for different time values.

Practice Video-Putting Together The 7 Steps

Walk through the process of using the 7 steps to sight read.

Practice Video-Key Signatures-Int

Quickly learn to recognize the key and know what accidentals are involved.

Practice Video-Singing Minor Scales

Practice singing all of the minor scales and memorize the patterns to accelerate muscle memory.

Practice Video-Note Number Recognition

Practice quickly identifying where the notes fall in relation to the scale.

Practice Video-Singing The Number-Major Scale

Increase your speed of recognizing note placement within the major scale.

Practice Video-Recognizing Rhythm Patterns

Memorizing rhythm patterns will help to speed up the process of sight reading.

Practice Video-Recognizing Note Number With Accidentals

Included here are different methods of identifying where the notes belong in the scale structure.

Practice Video-Writing Major And Minor Scales

Learn to write major and minor scales according to key signature. See how the scales adjust but the numbers stay the same.

Practice Video-Recognizing Intervals On Paper-Advanced-Bass Clef

Learn to quickly recognize intervals or distances between notes in the bass clef.