Inspired By A Fellow Singer

Mark Edward Smith was a recent guest at our last singer event. His story is absolutely amazing. It’s a true testament to how persistence and determination combined can take you to places unimagined as a singer and be able to make a great living doing what you love. Mark shared how he always takes the opportunities presented to him and says “yes.”

Also, he always continues to create new avenues of income through his different talents. Honing his skills with each new venture requires some serious discipline. I’m amazed at how many different instruments he plays, how many styles of singing he is able to show and how jumping into the acting world later in life has allowed him ample ways to succeed and prosper.

Many tend to slow down when they pass 50 and start heading toward retirement. Not Mark. If anything, he is even more determined to make new things happen and is at the top of his game. Mark has so inspired other singers to follow their dreams and not sit around and wait for opportunities to happen.