Ask Yourself The Hard Questions

Ask Yourself The Hard Questions

As we come into the new year, we always stop and evaluate where we are and where we are going. Even if we don’t plan to, our minds seem to go there. Did we get what we wanted this past year? Will I ever learn to Sightread or do anything else I put my mind to for that matter?

As you start off this new year, ask yourself a few questions and think about what it really takes. I wrote an article to my private students about being excellent at your craft. Being so good at what you do that they just can’t ignore you. And to accomplish this level of excellence, it takes good ole fashioned hard work.

  • How bad do you really want to learn to sightread?
  • How much time everyday do you spend practicing this craft?
  • Do you put yourself in situations requiring you to sightread?
  • Are you taking classes?
  • Are you forcing yourself to learn the new piece one measure at a time or are you getting someone to play it for you?
  • Are you falling for all of the gimmicks? Or do you realize that this comes by daily practice and hard work?

I always compare these situations to eating and health. Why? Because we all have to eat and we all have to maintain health. And we all know that none of it is accomplished overnight or with an app. It’s accomplished by very small daily steps which keep us on track and moving one little step forward at the time.

I encourage each and every one of you to keep going. Remember the small steps. I repeat this over and over and believe it wholeheartedly. You will get there IF you take the small steps consistently.

I wish you all a very successful 2015!!