Become A Respected Singer

Sightsinger Tip–Become A More Respected Singer To Your Band Or Music Group!!!

Have you ever heard a musician say, “Oh here is another dumb singer”?
The reason is because often times singers have no knowledge of music and strut their “Divaness” as if they are the Queen or King of all singers. Bands members for example are turned off by this because the singer has made no effort to understand the music other than what they are specifically singing. I can’t tell you how much respect you will gain by be able to identify certain simple aspects such as what key your song is in and what key would you put this in if you needed it a little lower or higher. Also, can you count off your song in the correct time signature? Knowing these simple things will provide you with a great experience of working with other musicians when it’s time for a band rehearsal or audition. Take the time to learn, even if it’s just to have a basic understanding of how music works.