How Do You Get A Swimmer’s Body?

Sightsinger Tip–How Do I Get A Swimmer’s Body?

The answer is obvious right?

My friend used to kid me all the time about a meeting I had with a trainer a few years ago. I asked him how could I get a swimmer’s body? The trainer said the obvious….SWIM!!! I came home and told my roommate at the time and he has been laughing at me ever since. He said, “what did you expect your trainer to say?”

I guess like everything else, we expect a secret formula. Sometimes there is nothing better than just jumping in the water and start swimming. Sightreading is nothing different. Sometimes there is no better training that to just pick up a piece of music and start reading it. Get a few of your friends and read through the hymnal from your church, or some music from your local choir.
It’s fun to do and somehow the muscles which need to be developed start getting stronger without you even knowing it.

So how do you get a good sightreader’s technique? Start sightreading!!