Do You Know Your Intervals?

Do you remember those first piano lessons you had, or those really exciting theory classes at college? One of the first things we learn is intervals, the distances between two different notes. Intervals are what create the melodies of songs we hear every day. And these intervals have a certain “feel” so to speak.

A perfect 5th or a Tritone are two examples of intervals. These distances also give a very specific sound which can be both memorized and sensed through muscle memory. Unfortunately, the only way to tackle them is to take some time and listen to them over and over. I teach these intervals in class every day. We learn them with a fun exercise called “Singing The Alternating Scale While Leaving Out Numbers.” You can also practice this in the PRACTICE AUDIO section in the left column.

If you haven’t learned these intervals, you are missing out on one of the very basic elements of music theory and sight reading. Please take the time to do so and you’ll see your progress enhanced greatly. Besides this site, you can also download apps which are great for learning intervals as well.