Just Do It!!

Just Do It!

I remember several years ago where I was involved in a year long program, teaching me to be a “Champion.” It was quite an experience  and I’ll never forget entering thinking I was going to figure out the “secret” to success. There were many books to read, audio tapes to listen to, conferences to attend and repeating positive affirmations to increase the results of my actions.

This year was the most productive year I ever experienced but not because of the books, the positive affirmations and all of what I thought was going to be my secret. What was it? It turned out to be the fact that this program forced me to be accountable, to show up and to get the job done whatever that was supposed to be.

I opened a new studio, gained an assistant and tripled my clientele. Why did this all happen?
Again, it was the fact that each week I had to be there. I had to do my homework and be accountable.

I had to “Just Do It.”
I equate it to working out. If you can just make it out the door, you’ve won the battle. Doesn’t really matter which program you use, just pick one and go with it.

I write all of this because the more successful this program becomes, I’m faced with many who ask why I do it the way I do. Why do you use numbers instead of solfege they ask. I answer them by saying, I chose a way and just started doing it. Why do the local classes work so well? Because we show up. We just do it. Any method we use would work. But the difference is we choose one and run with it.

When you are practicing your sight-reading, know that there is no best way. The right way is if you are consistently moving forward, whatever method you choose.

Pick some class to be a part of and “Just Do It.”