A Letter From Allison

A Letter From A Student I Would Like To Share

I received an email from a former sightsinging student. It really makes what I do worthwhile to hear this. I would like to share it with you.

“Hi Gerald!  I’ve been meaning to write you for the past few weeks- to thank you for the sight reading training I’ve received from you thus far.  It turned out to be extremely beneficial during my High Holy Day choir job at Sinai Temple this past September.  Our eight person choir was given seven FAT binders of music, and had basically three weeks to learn- and perform- all of it.  Needless to say, the ability to sight read was paramount.  And I noticed that, when I tried to fall back on my old habits (e.g. expecting to just “hear” my part/learn it by ear), I usually didn’t stand a chance.  There was simply too much material in-hand to make that work.  But when I applied simple techniques- e.g. determining the key, the interval, and/or what relation to the tonic my next note had, I was saved!  I’m now amidst learning 108 complicated Christmas Carol arrangements, and once again- applying sight reading technique is key.  I’m definitely far from perfect- and would most certainly still buckle if someone gave me a score to read cold- on the spot :-).  But I’m certainly getting better.  So thank you!”