It’s All In Your Mind

It’s All In Your Mind

We all play this vicious game in our heads. And who do we play it with?

We often start to beat ourselves up before we ever start to sightread.
As soon as it’s our turn to audition and the director gives us the music, we
go through every reason in the book of why we can’t do it. Our palms start to sweat and
singing, which is normally so easy, seems to be the most difficult task ever.

Before you start sight-reading that song, begin to tell yourself that this is something you can do. You’ve rehearsed, practiced and taken much time to go through the routine. Now start to let that little voice in your head know that
“You’ve Got This.”

Review the concepts so much that it becomes truly a habit of going through the steps every time you pick up the music.

Remember, You’ve Got This!