Sight Reading For Fun!

Do You Sight Read For Fun?!!!

There is nothing like looking at a piece of music and understanding what is going on. It’s like a code that opens up a whole world of musical adventure within a few pages. We can go through the exercises regularly, learn our key signatures and practice theory all day but until we open the music and just start reading, we’ll never experience the thrill of the adventure.

Here in Los Angeles, there are several groups of singers who get together at someone’s house or church and everybody brings music with copies for all to share. They just dive right in, making mistakes in a safe environment and gaining the experience of seeing what it is really like not to rehearse but to try and read at first sight.

This is lots of fun, especially when the chords start to tune up and you realize you are producing music quickly that you’ve never seen before. Give it a try. Invite a few friends over and make it a fun experience.