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What Are Your Habits?


Introducing Dr. Reena Gupta

Dr. Gupta is a well know doctor in Los Angeles who specializes specifically with vocal issues.

8 Note Scale

Learn how to write the 8 note scale on the staff.

Key Signatures

Key signatures are the “KEY” to being able to sightread and sing or play music well. Take the time to really learn this system and understand how they work.

7 Time Signatures

There are 7 most common time signatures. Three of them are used for most of the music we see. Learn how these function in the staff and how the song structure is determined by this time signature.

7 Rests

The 7 rests are used to show silence in between notes that are played or sung. Learn how to recognize the rest value.

7 Rhythmical Notes

Learn the 7 note values for the different note shapes. This will let you know as a singer which notes to hold for a certain amount of time.

Notes On The Staff

How do you know what to sing when you see the notes placed on the music staff? We will walk you through this process to see what is involved.

7 Letters

The 7 letters that make up our music system are the first 7 letters of the alphabet. Here you will learn how these work and where they are located.

Intro To Beginner Level

A summary to learn how to sight read and learn the basics of theory.

PA-Sing To Scale Degree

Learn to quickly sing to the scale degree from any direction.

PA-MM-Alt-Fast-1,2 and 3 Numbers (Advanced Level)

Singing the melodic minor scale at a fast tempo while alternating leaving out 1,2 and 3 numbers.