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What Sightsinging Does For Me


60’s R&B



Creedence Clearwater Revival

Note Number Recognition

Learn where the notes fall within in the scale and quickly identify them.

The 7 Steps

Now let’s see how everything we’ve learned falls into place to form the basics of reading music.

Major Intervals

Learn the 7 intervals that make up the 8 note scale.

Dotted Notes

Learn what the dots mean beside certain notes and how it adds value to those notes.

Singing & Alternating

Learn different ways to sing the scale to help build muscle memory and begin to develop interval recognition.

Singing The Major Scale

Learn how to sing the major scale. All songs are based on 8 note scales so you can practice this as if it were its own song.

Key Signatures

Key signatures are the “KEY” to being able to sightread and sing or play music well. Take the time to really learn this system and understand how they work.

Intro To Beginner Level

A summary to learn how to sight read and learn the basics of theory.