Why are my video or audio players not working?

Because this is primarily a video/audio instructional site, it is important that you have the latest browsers in place with current computers and a great internet connection.

These players work on all formats. However, like any other technology utilizing these players, there are things you can do to make this process work better.

Remember that browsers are constantly being updated so your players may take a moment to show up upon first opening a page, especially with the audio players. Just wait a moment and it will pop up. The second page with a player will load much more quickly.

If your security settings are set at a high level, you may have to click the button which says, “Allow All Content.”

1. Restart your computer and clear off the desk top. Place items in folders inside the harddrive. Everything on your desk top takes up needed functional space that slows down the processing power of the harddrive.

2. Close all other applications that are running. Again, to run video and audio, your computer needs the available space.

3. Best recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. Be sure to have the latest updated versions on your computer. Keep in mind, if one browser doesn’t show a video or audio, try another one. (For instance, when using Safari, the audio players take a while to load into the page.) These browsers are being changed so often that sometimes it takes the company a while to get out all of the kinks.

4. For the audio players to work, you’ll need the latest FLASH player. For some, you may have to click “allow sites to run Flash.” You may also need to go to the Content Settings Page for your browser and allow Flash to run for all sites. It helps to add the actual site for more clarification. In this case, that would be https://www.LASightsinger.com.

5. Restart your browser and clear cache and cookies. Browsers should be restarted and cleared regularly.

6. If you use a MAC, run DISK UTILITY in the applications folder. If you use a PC you can go to this link and find your particular browser instructions. http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser’s-Cache. These actions will allow your computer to run more efficiently.

7. Realize that if you are using a shared line such as starbucks, etc…..the more people using the wireless connection will slow down any downloading or streaming features.

8. And finally, you’ll need fast speed internet connection such as Cable or DSL with a dedicated line for a few users.

We’ve found that once you have tried these tips, all programs run smoothly.